We deliver immediate responses to your issues and ensure great experiences no matter the scale, creating a seamless customer experience. Maximize productivity and uptime with the support expertise, insights and technologies of our service desk team.

Service Desk

security matrix
  • UK based service desk for remote support (Monday to Friday | 08:30 to 17:30)
  • Out of hours emergency remote support via Account Manager (24/7)
  • Monthly service desk report
  • Online portal for real time ticket status updates (individual and whole school/trust)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Emergency response (core network infrastructure)
  • Audit & Strategy Report

How we work

We will take the details of your issue and create a Ticket which is logged in our system with a unique reference number. All Tickets are prioritised according to severity. Our Technicians will make every effort to resolve your Ticket during first contact. If your Ticket cannot be resolved immediately, one of our Technicians will own and manage it through to resolution and provide regular updates.

  • When an onsite visit is needed, we will give an estimate of how long will be required to resolve the issue before attending. We will also confirm the number of onsite hours remaining.
  • Once onsite work has been completed, our technician will record the exact amount of time spent. This will be deducted from the support hours remaining on the subscription. Recording time accurately to the minute, means schools will only pay for the actual technician time spent onsite.
  • Onsite Support hours that aren’t used cannot be carried over to the next year. The ICT Service will be proactive in ensuring support hours are used throughout the year and will provide a quarterly report of utilisation and remaining hours to schools.
  • If you run out of Onsite Support hours, you can use purchase a ‘Top Up 10’ block of ten hours to keep your business covered.

Fixed annual contracts also available on request.

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